Fluids & Sounds – Released

Fluids & Sounds, a psychedelic Fluid simulation app, is available for Steam since February 3rd. Fluids & Sounds let us create wonderful artworks with ease or just help to relax.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the wonderful fluids we can create. We can adjust dozens of different settings to create amazing scenes or just use the randomization options to generate something new. 

Load custom music into the app to visualize it or listen to the meditative music which is already included and generated in real time. Record videos and take screenshots of our artworks with the integrated recording features.

Fluids & Sounds is already out for mobile devices on iOS and Android and will come to Windows this month! The developers amazed to offer this new option and make the game available for desktop devices!

To don’t miss any latest news about Fluids & Sounds follow the creators on Steam, Apple Store, Google play store and YouTube or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.


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