Teamfight Tactics – Updates Neon Nights

Riot Games announced the latest set update from Teamfight Tactics. Nights of Neon includes over 20 new units, three new champion attributes, and much more. Among other things, a new passport, new little legends and the “PROJECT: Abyssia” await TFT fans.

Also, Silco from Arcane will add more to the game than just his unstable brew. The TFT set update will be available on PBE starting February 1st and will be released to the live servers along with patch 12.4 on February 16th.

The latest set update “Neon Nights” has a lot in store for TFT fans. Among other things, the attribute “Assault Attacker” completes the game. Existing attributes such as “extroverted” will also benefit from the new update. The new attribute “Rivals” refers to the sisters Jinx and Vi, who can no longer work together, which is why TFT fans should choose Jinx or Vi.

Automatons and Gadgets Pass II and Flexing Muscles in the Hextech Battle Arena

The Gadgets and Gadgets Pass II allows us to explore all new content in Neon Nights. This requires playing games and completing missions to get free rewards like stickers and Little Legend Eggs. Alongside the Pass+ arenas, fans will be whisked away to the location where Choncc and Pingu will pit their battle robots against each other. The Hextech Battle Arena is a futuristic esports arena that features over 97 unique phrases annotating our games and actions.

PROJECT: Abyssia – a new mythical little legend!

In Neon Nights, a new mythical little legend will steal the show from everyone else. “PROJECT: Abyssia” wants to show off their new technology and maybe “borrow” other technological achievements. The little legends of “Neon Nights” illuminate the way to a bright future in the fleeting light of night.

New items and a glimpse into the future

Fans can also expect more than 80 new hextech augments with Nights of Neon, the Edge of the Night item, and some other fun new things. As part of the set update, Guardian Angel will be swapped for Night’s Edge. The Anti-Burst Item helps the wearer to temporarily reset the opponent’s aggro and then has various advantages – of course with a price.

In addition to all these new features and updates, there will be two other changes. One is the Scouting Opponent Hint System. There’s a lot to do in TFT and there’s a lot to keep track of – what opponents we’ve fought recently, for example – to better anticipate who we’ll be up against next. On the occasion of “Neon Nights”, Riot Games developed such a function. An encounter tracker is currently in the works, which will help us better anticipate who we’ll be dealing with next. However, the feature will not be implemented into the game until after the release of the set update. In addition, the game summary will be updated so that TFT fans can view their gameplay and evaluate their decisions in the future.

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