C2X game platform – Released

Korean publisher Com2uS announced the official launch of its blockchain game platform C2X. C2X is a participatory platform that strives for joint development with all participating users based on its blockchain ecosystem.

C2X aims to provide a collaborative space for growth for both users and game providers, making game development accessible to everyone. Open exchange is an important part of this shared progress, so the platform takes feedback from the community into account.

About the currency of C2X

The C2X token represents the platform’s currency. This was developed on the basis of the Terra blockchain network as a governance token. The C2X token, in conjunction with various services on the platform, such as blockchain games and NFT marketplaces, will spawn its own token economy in the future. In order to lay the foundation for this economy, tokens are distributed transparently to all participants in the ecosystem via governance in order to also share profits.

The game platform was developed in collaboration with industry-leading partners: Terraform Labs, Hashed and the Com2uS Group. Their goal is to lower the barrier to entry into the blockchain industry for game developers and thereby enable a larger selection of blockchain games in the future.

The release of C2X aims to accelerate the development of platform-owned blockchain games. In the first quarter of 2022, more than ten blockchain games in different genres will be released on the platform, launched by Com2uS Group. Other blockchain services such as NFT marketplaces and cryptocurrency wallets will also be launched this year.

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