Hotel Life – A Resort Simulator

Hotel Life is the first hotel simulator to take you behind the scenes of idyllic holidays. Our mission is to provide unforgettable memories for guests while managing our hotel and growing our business

We will monitor and manage all aspects of our holidaymakers’ stay, from check-in to check-out.

Build our hotel

Choose the ideal location for our hotel, build all the facilities required (reception, restaurant, pool, bungalows, etc.) and design them to our liking. We have complete freedom to furnish and decorate our spaces, both inside and outside. Choose colours and materials (concrete, wood, plaster, stone, etc.) to create different ambiances.

Customer service

Pick up our guests from the airport and take care of their comfort throughout their stay.
We are responsible for all aspects of their holiday from check-in to check-out (cleaning, tidying, food, entertainment, etc.) until we have the means to hire qualified staff to do these jobs for us. Be sure to manage our schedule well; We cannot be in two places at the same time. The happier our guests, the better our online reviews.


As a manager, we have many responsibilities: recruit staff, organise the jobs that need doing, manage reservations, create menus, optimise the hotel’s profitability, etc. We therefore need to acquire the means to achieve our ambitions and make the right investment decisions.
Once we have basic hotel facilities installed, we can expand and upgrade if our budget allows it: add a larger pool, a sauna, a DJ stage or new sports equipment.

Release of Hotel Life

The Game is at the moment in development and we only see few pictures of the simulator that is still in the Early alpha phase and the release date wasn’t still announced yet.

Multiple game modes

  • Sandbox mode – For those who want to choose their own venture the sandbox mode is available. We can also start from scratch.
  • Wait mode – It is possible withe the wait mode to take a step back and admire what we have built. So we can take a mini holiday ourselves and spend the day without worrying about our responsibilities.
  • Career mode – Play our part in a family story in Career mode. Our aunt and uncle contact us to ask us to help manage their little hotel while they attend to some important business.

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