Camping Builder – Demo releasing

The developer announced that the demo for Camping Builder on Steam, a renovation adventure game, will be released on February 21st as a part of the Steam Next Festival.

Camping Builder is a next-gen simulator with polished mechanics, an environment full of life, and an engaging story. Build the camping of your dreams on a tropical island. Discover the secrets of this beautiful, wild place. Work in harmony with nature and the island will reward you, but choose to ignore the rules and you will face the consequences.


  • Build it back up – We can gather materials and use them to rebuild the bungalows, then decorate them to our liking and wait for the guests to arrive!
  • Keep it clean – Pick up the trash and throw it away into the dedicated containers. We can also decide just to burn it or dump it into the ocean, risking the island’s wrath.
  • Reap what we saw – We can cut down trees, but make sure to plant new ones! The Camping Builder is all about balance.
  • Island full of secrets – Find out more about this beautiful place, meet its inhabitants and discover its mysteries. Fall in love with the world and the story.

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