EVE Online Fanfest 2022

CCP Games released the new Road to Fanfest roadmap, which provides a glimpse of upcoming content, activities and updates currently in the works for EVE Online. It also shows how the space MMO will shift its focus towards a story-driven approach, moving away from the “EVE in quadrants” approach.

This gives us more opportunities to become a part of the story of the EVE universe. More details will be revealed at EVE Fanfest 2022.

High level players can look forward to the following updates

  • Expansion of the new player experience, including an epic mining adventure
  • A revamped compression mechanic that significantly improves fleet mining operations
  • Improvement of the graphics, especially in relation to reflections
  • Balancing improvements for structures, combat ships and various quality-of-life updates
  • Recurring events like the Wardens’ Gala, which started back on February 10th, Friendship Week, and The Hunt
  • Capsuleer Day to kick off EVE Fanfest 2022

A significant update to the first hour of gameplay featuring a mysterious mining adventure is being added to the New Player Experience. This portion of EVE’s introductory experience will send us on a mining expedition fraught with intrigue and hints at the unfolding AIR storyline. Alongside Aura and the newly-introduced Elias Peltonnen, expect to learn the basics of mining and EVE’s economy in an engaging story-driven way.

In addition to the mining adventure, a feature that will help new players navigate the vast options EVE has to offer and find their true calling in New Eden is being worked on. This feature will be released later this winter.

The Guardian’s Gala

The Guardian’s Gala is back with some new elements! This year the celebrations hit new heights, which we can check out in the latest Scope where Alton Haveri reports on the theft of some compression prototypes by Serpentis and Angel Cartel pirates.

The Friendship Week´will retuning, which made its debut last year and The Hunt in April, all of which will lead up to Capsuleer Day celebrations during Fanfest in May!

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