Intruder in Antiquonia – different cursors

One of the most important changes the developers introduced is support for different cursors on each hotspot. On the image below we can see all the custom cursors that developers introduced for this game. This should help us understand what to expect when we click on a hotspot.

Sometimes we can even get hints. For example, if we see the “Operate” cursor on a hotspot, but we can not operate it, that’s a hint that the problem is temporary and we can solve a puzzle to eventually operate the hotspot.

Another important change I made to the engine concerns the rendering of the characters. If we played the demo on a large monitor, we probably noticed that the characters had a much higher resolution than the backgrounds (not always, either). The game is designed for a resolution of 1280×720 to fit the small budget of the developers, but the characters are rendered at different scales depending on the perspective of the background. Now the characters are rendered at the same resolution as the backgrounds regardless of their size. The only thing they render at a higher resolution is the UI (conversations, inventory, settings, etc.).

The developers have posted an announcement on Steam (link here) with the full list of changes in this new version, if we are curious.

Development status

A couple of weeks ago the developers told us that they wanted to fix between 13 and 21 problems by the end of February. The good news is that they managed to fix 30 already for this demo update!

The developers be making more improvements before Steam Next Fest starts in about a week. The writers have already made improvements to the dialogue that did not make it into the latest update, but should fix some of the main issues with character development and developers just got a new piece of music for the night that sounds really cool and will be used a few times in the full game. That will also be included in the upcoming update.

One very common criticism that the developers unfortunately can not address is the lack of inventory puzzles in the demo. The most obvious solution would have been to show a bit more of the game in the demo, because the moment they finish the demo is exactly when many interesting puzzles open up. However, since many puzzles open at the same time, developers would have to show a lot of the game in the demo. Developers thought about it a lot, and all the other solutions they found were artificial obstacles that were not integrated into the story. That’s not the kind of game they are making, and they strongly believe it would give a wrong impression of the rest of the game. It was a really difficult decision, but the deveopers thinks it’s the best one under the circumstances.

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