FIFA Mobile

Electronic Arts released a major update for the hit mobile game EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile, ushering in a new era for the globally popular mobile title and ushering in the live service for years to come.

The new update for FIFA Mobile, which was first released in 2016, offers a fundamental overhaul and various optimizations in terms of gameplay, graphics and audio. The authentic gaming experience will continue to be enhanced for us and football fans around the world.

FIFA Mobile’s graphics have been further enhanced based on an overhauled gameplay engine, giving us even more on-screen detail in our matches. On the latest mobile devices, the game can now be played at 60 FPS* via an option in the settings. This results in an even smoother and more reactive playing experience. At the heart of the new update is the accessibility of the game. It includes additional settings to customize the in-game graphics experience, ensuring compatibility across a huge range of devices. This way, we can continue to enjoy FIFA Mobile.

Possibilities to switch between 4 Camera angles

The new possibility to switch between 4 camera angles in real time in ongoing games provides unprecedented insights. New camera options are also available for tee shots, free kicks, corner kicks and penalties, and in broadcast replays. This brings us even closer to the gripping and exciting moments of our games. We can unlock a number of new stadiums and choose individual weather conditions in our arena. The time of day can also be adjusted so that we can play during the day, at dusk or in the evening.

Comments on the updates for FIFA Mobile

Jace Yang, General Manager at EA China said: “We have been working on this major FIFA Mobile update for several years, we took player feedback from around the world into account when designing the new features and improvements to the game experience. This allowed us to create one of the most authentic football experiences ever on mobile.”

Lawrence Koh, Head of EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile said: “Today is the future of FIFA Mobile. Tens of millions of players around the world will be able to enjoy a groundbreaking football experience and the flexibility to play the game on a massive variety of device generations**.”

Live audio Commentary

With live audio commentary from commentators around the world, the latest FIFA Mobile update includes one of the most anticipated features from fans. Commentary is available in 11 languages ​​including German, English, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Mandarin and Japanese. New home chants, stadium announcers and player calls, which can be heard in the quieter moments on the pitch, make the game sound and feel of the games even more authentic.

Gameplay upgrades

The gameplay upgrades and innovations of the new FIFA Mobile update offer fans even more extensive team management and even more precise player control in real-time 11v11. Other game improvements in the popular VS Attack mode are also included. New team management options give full control over player substitutions, game positions and set pieces taking the team’s success. Features like stamina and special moves add even more authenticity to the FIFA Mobile gaming experience. We have to keep an eye on our team at all times and make the necessary changes during the game in order to be able to celebrate success.

The EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile App and the latest update are available now worldwide*** as a free**** download on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices.

*60 FPS only available on certain devices. More information about the requirements can be found at **Device Specs: ***Except for China
****In-app purchases are available

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