Intruder in Antiquonia – Next Updates

The developers bringing us a whole bunch of updates. First off, they are part of Steam Next Fest, which started already and runs through next Monday. This is a digital festival where many developers show their demos and get a lot of extra exposure through the Steam shop.

In preparation for the Steam Next Fest event, developers made a number of changes

The developers have revamped their Steam page and changed the way they describe the game to make it clearer and remove all the fluff. Also, they realized that they were putting the focus on the game when it should be on us. So developers rewrote most of the paragraphs to put the focus on us and they have included some of the features that were added during beta.

When developers made the first teaser trailer, they did not have enough content to tell a story in the trailer, nor did they have quality gameplay. Now developers have all that, so they have been working on the new trailer for a while. To keep the message simple and clear, they decided to focus on a single story element, Sarah’s development, and leave aside the a version to the Internet.

The developers already released a big update for the demo this month. Developers released a new update that includes all the changes they received from the scriptwriters Marcos and Ana and after translations and proofreading. It also includes some minor bug fixes, but the star of the show is the updated dialogue.

Development status

At this point, developers are shifting their focus from the demo to the full game. They will continue to release new versions of the demo when they have fixed certain problems, because the demo is the beginning of the full game, but now developers are focusing on finishing the full game, and doing it in the best possible quality.

Their animators at Digital Monster Collective have made progress on the animations for the full game and have completed almost 90% of the animations so far. In fact, all the animations for the playable parts of the game are done, and Digital Monster Collective are now focusing on the cinematics. The developers are glad that Digital Monster Collective helping them, because the quality of the animations has gotten much better thanks to them.

Their musician Juan R. Salgueiro has finished 8 of the 11 tracks developers have in the game, and they sound absolutely stunning. The next step is to get all the animations and music tracks into the game and start testing and polishing.

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