Train Life: A Railway Simulator – Resume after Early Access

Five months after the Early Access launch, developer Simteract is releasing the second update for Train Life: A Railway Simulator. Train Life is the first simulator that allows us to experience the profession of train driver while running our own railway company.

With the second update, trains in Train Life: A Railway Simulator now serve destinations in Eastern Europe. We can discover new routes in Poland and the Czech Republic beyond the borders of Germany.

New features

A new electric locomotive is also making its debut: the Lechner Koch DP2500. There are also numerous new, challenging scenarios. The Service Center has also been revised to provide more clarity and overview when purchasing and customizing locomotives. For this aspect of gameplay, various elements – appearance, available updates, performance comparisons, part compatibility and much more – are available here for detail-oriented fans.

NACON and Simteract have paid special attention to the modeling of realistic train models and management gameplay to create a railway experience that is as entertaining as it is authentic. There will be regular updates during the ongoing Early Access period.

Train Life: A Railway Simulator is available in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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