Chuhou Joutai 3

Drillimation Systems released a new trailer for what appears to be the announcement for the third installment in their Chuhou Joutai series. Chuhou Joutai is a series of games in the danmaku genre that plays similarly to Touhou Project but is targeted toward entry-level players.

So far, two games have been released, with the second installment released last summer. No release date is confirmed for the third game yet. The new trailer doesn’t show the gameplay, just a basic animation of what things may look like in-game and the overall theme for the story. The game’s two protagonists, Susumu Takajima and Kagami Ochiai get new outfits as shown in the trailer, giving them more mature appearances. 

Chuhou Joutai 3 will have a darker and edgier tone, but not as intense in order to keep their target audience of beginners.

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