Dead by Daylight – Releasing of Sadako Rising chapter

Behavior Interactive announces that a new Dead by Daylight chapter will be released on March 8th. Inspired by Koji Suzuki’s novel and original film adaptation of the same name, Ringu, the new chapter Sadako Rising introduces a new killer and a new survivor.

From a long-forgotten well to entity

Beginning March 8th, a dark being lurks in the depths of the water, ready to spread his curse on the Entity’s world. Now in Dead by Daylight’s 23rd chapter, Sadako Rising, new killer Sadako, referred to in-game as The Onryo, and new survivor Youchi Asakawa enter the Nebula. Fans of the popular horror novel and original film adaptation of the same name, Ringu, will be familiar with the fate of Sadako, who was left to die in the well. Now, in Dead by Daylight, she crawls out of her watery grave and haunts her victims. Empowered with uncanny powers, her wrath is manifested in a cursed videotape that allows her to appear before those who view it, curse her, and leave her for dead – and soon all survivors in the mist will succumb to that fate.

Dave Richards, Creative Director of Dead by Daylight said: “Ringu brings a psychological horror to our game that is very different from the slasher style our fans are used to. With Sadako, they can expect spooky and unexpected gameplay mechanics not found in other killers.”

Yoichi Asakawa: The Story That Was Never Told

Haunted by memories of loss, darkened by the shadow of evil. Yoichi Asakawa’s journey is far from over. He was exposed to the wrath of Onryo in his younger life, so he is no stranger to it. First introduced to fans in the original 1998 film Ringu, Yoichi Asakawa is the only hero of the Japanese cult series to survive Sadako’s rage. His reappearance in Dead by Daylight is the first opportunity for us to see him again more than 20 years after his escape and finally learn what has become of him. He is now a respected marine biologist. But his search for answers takes him deeper into treacherous waters, deep into a realm that lies beyond rational understanding.

Creative director Dave Richards added: “Receiving the trust of Kadokawa to bring Yoichi Asakawa’s story to an end is one of the greatest honors for me. The decision to finally tell a long-awaited, untold story in a video game is a bold decision that speaks to the importance of our medium in today’s pop culture.”

The new Dead by Daylight chapter Sadako Rising will be available March 8th on Steam, Epic Games Store, Windows Store and Stadia, as well as for PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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