Drill Deal – Oil Tycoon – Releasing

Drill Deal – Oil Tycoon, a fun oil business simulator, will be released on Steam and Keymailer on March 9. Discover various scenarios in different corners of the world. Ranging from the freezing Arctic with snow and blizzards, through tropical pirate-infested waters, to haunted islands.

In Drill Deal – Oil Tycoon embark on this fun adventure and build our own oil rig. Start with a small platform and expand it to a large interconnected complex! Optimize our designs for more efficient production, increase cash flow, and keep our employees happy and safe.

More details

  • Sign long-term contracts to sell our products. Conquer new markets. Manage our reputation and customer relationships, and increase our profits while we’re at it.
  • Manage our platform during an environmental crisis.
  • Face countless challenges and threats such as: snow blows, storms, fires, and many more.
  • Protect our rig crew from the attacks of greedy pirates, terrorists or even deadly diseases.
  • Pay attention to various skills and statistics to choose wisely our new crew.
  • Take care of the crews satisfaction and quality of life on the platform.
  • Build our gameplay and provide our crew with better accommodation as our platform grows.

Drill Deal – Oil Tycoon features threats like weather, terrorists, fire, and others. We can enjoy the demo version of the game on Steam for free. 

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