Electronic Arts is stepping into the pinnacle of rally motorsport, sponsoring Codemasters developer Jon Armstrong’s 2022 Junior WRC title race make its debut weekend in Croatia, Portugal, Estonia and Greece.

We can follow all of this on the Rally Twitter channel and get exclusive behind-the-scenes insights including the car reveal. The Junior WRC continues to be one of the best rally series on the calendar, exclusively for drivers under the age of 30. After losing his maiden JWRC title last season, Jon is hoping to pick it up again. The drivers will compete in identical Ford Fiesta Rally3, all provided by M-Sport Poland. The JWRC will be held across five European locations, with drivers tackling the same stages and courses as a WRC race weekend.

Vita of Jon Armstrong

27-year-old Jon Armstrong has been a pro since 2015. Last season he finished second in the JWRC and lost to Finland’s Sami Pajari on the final weekend. In addition to being a full-time game designer and rally consultant at Codemasters, Jon Armstrong is also well known in the esports scene, where he won the 2018 Esports WRC Championship. Co-driver Brian Hoy brings a wealth of experience having previously competed in the JWRC and the European Championship.

Jon Armstrong said; “I am eternally grateful to EA SPORTS for their full support and I can’t wait to come to Sweden and start the 2022 World Junior Championships season.”

Ross Gowing, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters said; “This year we’re all hoping that Jon can surpass last season’s incredible performance and take the title, the experience he has gained will stand him in good stead in the coming season and everyone at Codemasters and EA SPORTS has his full support.”

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