Quiz Duel – Update Design

MAG Interactive had released a major update for the trivia mobile game Quiz Duel. We can expect a new app design as well as a new solo event. The update also improves the game’s accessibility.

From now on there is a new extensive coat of paint for the popular quiz app. The new app design was created taking community feedback into account and not only serves as a visual upgrade, but also contains some adjustments that also improve the gaming experience. This includes an update of the navigation. In addition, Quizduell will now also support the basic functions of voice control in classic duels. This means that anyone who has activated voice support on their smartphone will now also be able to use this function in the app.

The game modes duel, arena, special quiz and quiz duel LIVE are supplemented with the new update by a new, time-exclusive solo adventure “Land of Cockaigne”. In the Cockaigne adventure, we can prove our own skills independently of other opponents in a mix of questions. In order to get the main prize at the end of the sugary-sweet path, all questions must be mastered. In the future, the solo adventure is to be integrated as an existing quiz mode, which will add variety to the everyday quiz with special events.

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