Saffron Fields – Released

Saffron Fields is a arcade game and the developer is excited to inform us that Saffron Fields, a physics-based tank kicking game came to Steam since March 3.

Saffron Fields is an arcade tank game revolving around physics rather than hitpoints. It has 18 missions including boss fights, on which we have to brawl various enemies out of the arena. 

In Saffron Fields, we play as a saffron farmer, whose homeland has been invaded by private military companies hired by a syndicate of opium producers. We must fight and save people, and bring peace to the Saffron Fields. She finds an old tank and restores it. While all the allied nations give up on the struggle, she’s trying to bring peace on the Saffron Fields.

Saffron Fields has an endless mode where we can play in local co-op or play against our friends in PvP arenas.

Four different game mods

  • Campaign — tricky arenas, cutscenes, and unique boss fights
  • Endless — compete with saffron farmers around the world in a global leaderboard
  • Co-op — see how long we can survive with our friends in local multiplayer
  • Duel — destroy our friendship by showing ultimate tank skillz

To don’t miss any latest news about Saffron Fields follow the creators on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the official Steam or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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