Craft Hero Prologue – Demo version available

Independent game publisher OKJOY has announced that the demo version of Craft Hero – Prologue is out now on Steam.

Craft Hero – Prologue is a minimalist sandbox survival tower defense game. Gather resources by day, build and recruit by noon, and defend your village by night.

About Craft Hero – Prologue

In Craft Hero – Prologue, we can design, build, upgrade our base and produce supplies. As we play, research weapons, deploy traps and towers, recruit mercenaries to defeat the Dark Lords one by one. Explore the dynamic dungeons, conquer lands and become the last hope of humanity, by defeating the Dark Lords.


  • Gather in the wild, refine metals, plant trees, breed animals to feed our gree-at villagers
  • Research to out-tech the Dark Lords. Unlock weapons, magics, electricity, and even automated production
  • Plan our defense cunningly with walls, traps, and towers, and lure our prey into it.
  • Recruit mercenaries and explore the dynamic dungeon, ransack the wilderness to get scores and achievements, for the sole purpose of pride.
  • Defeat the Dark Lord, enter Desert, Tundra, and other new bios, adapt our base accordingly and conquer more lands!
  • Switch between Archer, Warrior, and Mage, create our build with dual weapons, talent, and mercenaries.

To don’t miss any latest news about Craft Hero – Prologue follow the creators on Facebook, Twitter, Steam and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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