VALORANT – Episode 4 Act 2

Riot Games is releasing Episode 4 Act 2 of VALORANT. As announced, in addition to general adjustments, the new Battlepass and the new skin series “Gaia’s Revenge” will be added to the game and Yoru receives his long-awaited update.

The new Battlepass was designed with the idea that we from all over the world can express our personality.

Laura Baltzer, Associate Producer for VALORANT said; “We had a lot of fun discovering the different memes, callouts, traditions, and metas that fans use to communicate that we might never have seen otherwise,” “We also used this opportunity to work out the backstories of some agents. For example, Chamber fans might be interested in the fact that he goes to the French Riviera in his free time.”

Important features of the Battlepass

Free features

Classic – Striker
Graffiti “Taktibär’s Balalaika”
Graffiti “Crying Mance”
Utility Slipper Talisman SAVEWIDEJOY Banner

Paid features

Operator – Striker
Knife – Striker
Vandal – Curse of the Lycan
Judge – Heavenly Pig
Home Again // Jett Banner
Curse of the Lycan Banner
Graffiti “Bruno’s Dance of Joy”
Talisman “Mi Goreng”
Alongside the new Battlepass, the new magical-themed skin series Gaia’s Revenge, inspired by mystical gods of nature, will also be introduced.

The Skin Series Bundle

Gaia’s Wrath (Axe)
Vandal – Gaia’s revenge
Ghost – Gaia’s revenge
Marshal – Gaia’s Revenge
Guardian – Gaia’s Revenge
Gaia’s Revenge Banner
Gaia’s Revenge Talisman
Graffiti “Gaia’s Revenge”

The details of Yoru’s rework can be read on the official website. All new features and updates of Episode 4 Act 2 can be found on the official VALORANT website.

To don’t miss any latest news about Valorant follow the creators on Facebook, Twitter, discord, YouTube, Instagram and the official website. For more information about this game visit our latest post.

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