Intruder in Antiquonia – Music in Bar added

The developers are working full steam ahead on the music for the game, and developers want to show us some of the new music that Juan Salgueiro has developed for the bar in Antiquonia.

Developers want us to get a feel for the music together with the environment. This piece has very strong influences from Galician folklore, including elements from the muiñeira. It follows the general tone of the game, but is a bit more energetic, as befits a bar where music is playing in the background.

Development status

Last week Silvia a developer was sick, and although fortunately it was not COVID, they kept the children at home while they waited for the results. Therefore, the developers could not make much progress.

Nevertheless the developers was able to fix 9 issues, including a bug that sometimes made Sarah teleport if we clicked too fast, and one that caused characters to disappear briefly during the first game. Also, the game have different mouse cursors depending on what action we can perform on the object under the mouse.

The animator of the developers was not affected by Silvia’s illness. The animator has made great progress and has now completed 65% of the animation. The music is expected to be ready by the end of February. After that, developers will need a bit of time to add more SFX, and then they can start testing the entire game.

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