NACON and crea-ture Studios release a new video for Session, which presents a best-of of the community clips. Session. is currently available in Early Access via Steam and the Xbox Game Preview program.

For this video, NACON and crea-ture Studios selected seven of the most impressive videos that were created in a community-wide competition and in which the participants perform challenging skateboard tricks. The special in-game video editor used for this makes it possible to film stunts, add filters, provide recordings with a fisheye effect and edit everything directly in the game. The vast and realistic game environment in Session. contributes significantly to the game and film fun.

The World of Session. celebrates the golden age of skateboarding and faithfully showcases the culture and creativity of the sport that rose in popularity in the ’90s. With its realistic physics, the game offers innovative skateboarding gameplay: The True Stance Stick, in which both feet are controlled independently using the two controller sticks. The learning curve is the same as in real life: first we have to practice to control the board like a pro and perform all the different stunts that the game offers – from the simplest to the most complex. The title also has an integrated video editor, with the help of which the greatest successes can be immortalized.

Currently features

Real skateboarding action – realism, immersion and challenges. It is faithful to the first own skateboarding experiences.
Innovative Gameplay – Each stick corresponds to a foot, giving us a precise thought and control over how we move and shift our weight.
Official licenses – Four skater professionals are currently available, and the range is constantly being expanded. In addition, well-known skateboard and clothing brands will be integrated.
Stunning Environments – Chosen by the game’s creators, Black Hubbas (New York) and Brooklyn Banks (New York) are available in a 1:1 scale.
Comprehensive video tool – Fully integrated into the game, the editor has various filters, cameras and many other options.

More information and content will be added to Session throughout the month. announced.

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