Zorro – The Chronicles

NACON, PVP GAMES and BKOM Studios, in collaboration with Zorro Productions Inc. and the Canada Media Fund, announced Zorro – The Chronicles, an action-packed adventure game for the whole family that offers exciting combat, exciting exploration and an immersive experience.

In Zorro – The Chronicles, we can choose to slip into the role of the eponymous avenger or his twin sister Ines. The fun and action-packed game is aimed at a wide audience, as is the hero character Zorro himself, loved by young and old for almost a century.

In the game, we get the chance to visit the world of the animated series Zorro – The Chronicles for ourselves, along with entertaining and rewarding battles with fun finishing moves. For example, the enemies can be disarmed with a whip, a sword, as well as elaborate moves and humor. With acrobatic movements and lightning-fast reflexes, Zoro or his sister Ines can dodge before leaving a “Z” as the trademark with the tip of the sword.

Zorro – The Chronicles is based on Cyber ​​Group Studios’ popular television animation series, produced in collaboration with John Gertz’ Zorro Production Inc. for France Télévisions (France) and RAI (Italy). The hit series has been sold in over 100 countries to major TV channels such as Turner (France), RTVE (Spain), RTS (Switzerland), Télé-Québec (Canada), Globosat (Brazil), TV5 Worldwide and many others. The animated series was nominated at the 13th edition of the TV France International Export Awards and for “Best Children’s TV Series” at the Pulcinella Awards by Cartoons on the Bay (Italy).

Zorro – The Chronicles will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch in June 2022.

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