Intruder in Antiquonia

The point-and-click adventure with a protagonist named Sarah, and an odd town where folks don’t like the Internet very much. In this Game we solve the mystery of ouir protagonist Sarah.

The town is heavily inspired by the region of Galicia, Spain, where the developer grew up. Galicia has many beautiful towns full of soul and a long history, and the developers tried to capture that in the visuals of the game. Some of the characters are also inspired by the people in these towns.

About the Story

The story unfolds in the present time. Sarah, the protagonist, is found lying on the road that leads to the town of Antiquonia. She will be found by Karim, the only ambulance driver in town. Together with the police officer and the convent gardener, Karim will help Sarah as she navigates her lost memories and the unique town.

Key features

  • The puzzles are deeply integrated into the story.
  • Original soundtrack that, together with the backgrounds, creates the perfect atmosphere.
  • Explore the world: more than 30 handcrafted backgrounds.
  • Double-click on doors to travel quickly.
  • Hold down the “Tab” key to highlight hotspots in the scene.
  • Pause the game with the spacebar whenever you want, even during cutscenes.
  • Forget about saving, the game provides continuous automatic saves. And you can also save manually if you want.

To Support the developer

They said we shouldn’t wait until it’s in the discount, we should buy it before that and to support them we should write a constructive review.

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