Official EA SPORTS F1 22 Original Game Soundtrack -released

Alongside the recently released EDM soundtrack, available on Spotify and Apple Music, Codemasters released the Official EA SPORTS F1 22 Original Game Soundtrack, composed by Ian Livingstone.

The soundtrack, which also includes the F1 2021 soundtrack, is available to stream now via Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music. Ian Livingstone is a synonymous of Codemasters and the F1 soundtrack, having composed six F1 titles. The F1 22 soundtrack will be performed by the Sofia Session Orchestra, recorded by FourForMusic and conducted by George Strezov.

Composer Ian Livingstone said of the Original Soundtrack: “I wanted to capture the elegance, sophistication and beauty of these shiny new machines, giving them the voice of sweeping orchestral strings, but also the contrast between the calm before the storm and the frenzy and the drama of the last lap. At the same time, I wanted to reward long-time F1 fans by revisiting fragments of my previous themes – specifically F1 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2021.”

Additional soundtrack information

Additional Music: Ethan Livingstone
Conducted by George Strezov
Orchestra: Sofia Session Orchestra, contracted by FourForMusic
Orchestration: Michael Doherty
drums: MB Gordy
Vocals: Julie Seechuk
Piano: Ian Livingstone
Orchestral mix: Simon Barford
Mastering: John Elleson-Hartley / Musiklab
Video edited by Key Productions
Ian Livingstone has also composed music for the GRID series, including the recently released GRID Legends.

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