Blade & Soul Eternal Inferno update

NCSOFT announced the release of the new update Eternal Inferno for Blade & Soul. With this free update, the greatsword wielder class gains a new specialization, available to everyone now.

With the Way of the Firebringer, Protectors can now engulf their massive sword in flames to deal massive damage and unleash explosive effects. The update also includes a new dungeon, new and returning events, and much more.

Blade & Soul: Eternal Inferno features, among others

The Way of the Firebringer – The third specialization for the Warden class, gives the Greatsword Warrior the ability to imbue their weapon with flame. Attacks and abilities stack Slag up to seven times, which can trigger a melt state that increases damage and makes them immune to status effects for a short time.

Altar of Infinity – This new dungeon is a mythical demonbane dungeon that all levels can level up to unlock higher levels of difficulty but also better rewards. This 4-player dungeon will test fans to restore the honor of the Aransu clan. Strange energies can be researched and many rewards can be harvested.

New and Returning Events – Coinciding with the Eternal Inferno update, Season 2 of the Soul Boost event is coming to help the community stay at the peak of their game, Season 3 of the Battle Pass features new missions and rewards, the Event dungeon “Fortune Falls”, as well as the event “Fishing for Rewards”.

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