Have a Nice Death – food update

Gearbox Publishing and Magic Design Studios are pleased to announce that the fast food update to the roguelike Have a Nice Death is now available. Starting now the Early Access for players of Steam.

We can discover in the Early Access a new world that features fast food creatures and introduces new enemies and spells. The Fast Food update also introduces new difficulty levels, weapon swaps, Quality of Death fixes, and exciting new paths for players to explore.

A full list of content available with the Fast Food update

New World: For the first time since the launch of Early Access, a new world is being introduced to Have a Nice Death – the Toxic Foods section. At the heart of this spooky culinary department is the underworld’s most famous fast food chain, Waldo Burger. This greasy facility runs under Waldo himself, a chainsaw-wielding animatronic, and his army of fast-food minions.

New Pest Boss: Waldo is the official mascot of Death Inc’s popular fast food franchise, overseeing the Toxic Grocery department atop giant mechanical spider legs. To get past this robot, we must dodge his savage chainsaw attacks and deadly bursts of lemonade.

Two New Thanagers (mini-bosses): The Fast Food update introduces a new thanager, Pierce Gorske, a stealthy ninja burger who fires toothpicks at his enemies. We will also be reunited with Candice, a deceptively cute candy assassin who has been promoted from the Addiction Division (she has been replaced by another new Thanager, Lambert Heisenberg, a drug-dealing chemist).

New gameplay options

Choice of Paths: After completing special challenges, we can now choose a department after defeating a boss, each of which grants bonuses for a specific curse tree.

Difficulty Levels: We who complete Have a Nice Death will unlock new difficulty levels that offer a variety of modifiers for more challenge.

New Spells and Weapons: Over 50 new spells allow us to summon freezing tornadoes, deadly ice stalagmites, and a storm of projectiles.

Fight and defeat the food

Updates and Quality of Death Fixes: The developers have implemented new updates and fixes in response to player feedback during Early Access. The update also adds 20+ new contracts from Jocelyn and exciting new dialogue. Gameplay has also been rebalanced in the form of cloak cooldowns, store changes, and adjustments to spells and weapons.

The Fast Food update is just one of many more updates Magic Design Studios is working on. There will be an updated roadmap later this year. Have a Nice Death is a delightfully dark action roguelike-adventure that challenges us to take on the role of Death, the head of the underworld corporation responsible for manipulating souls in the afterlife. Armed with a deadly arsenal of weapons, curses and spells, we will roam the procedurally generated floors of the corporation to hunt down disobedient department heads who have ravaged the earth for lost souls. These bosses, also known as nuisances, will not give up peacefully and will require multiple attempts by us to defeat them.

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