Mahokenshi on Steam takes us on a journey to become a mighty samurai mage. In a blend of adventure, strategy and deckbuilding gameplay, choose how we will follow the way of the Mahoken. Explore the Celestial Islands, with vibrant and beautifully designed 3D maps build our deck, battle challenging demons, and protect the land from the forces of corruption.

Important content

  • Become a mighty Mahokenshi, a samurai mage, wielding both blade and magic.
  • 4 Samurai Houses with different abilities and strengths to choose from. Where will we start our journey?
  • Hone our skills and build our deck wisely. There are over 200 cards to discover and countless playstyles to be perfected.
  • Explore the Celestial Islands. Travel a vast array of vibrant and beautifully designed 3D maps.

Key features

  • 4 Houses, 4 playstyles
  • House of Jade / Sapphire / Topaz / Ruby
  • 200 illustrated cards
  • Hex grid board game style
  • Exploration
  • 3 Ways of Mahoken(Unlocked through Mission/ Challenge Rewards)
  • Evolve Start-Deck
  • Expand Market Choices
  • Gain Bonuses
  • Challenges to be completed in missions
  • Building up powers (Energy, draw, base defense, base strength, base health)

For more about Mahokenshi follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Steam and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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