Sexy Airlines

Sexy Airlines is an idle/clicker dating game that lets us take the steering wheel and maneuver our way through the exciting ups and downs of life as a CEO of an airlines company

At Sexy Airlines we get to hire the sexiest attendants the world has to offer, to manage our flights, while chatting them up via the in-game company messenger system. The closer we are with our beauties, the more they bring in every flight.


  • Manage our own airline and date sexy flight attendants from around the world!
  • Upgrade our planes to earn more money and increase our CEO level with each reset
  • Unlock +18 Destinations – hire hot girls from Paris, Rome, London, Amsterdam and Prague to New York, Cape Town, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo
  • +36 Flight attendants – each with their unique personality from shy to naughty
  • +6 message threads per flight attendant unlock numerous sexy pictures and +100 animations centered around aviation – are we always a gentleman or will our naughty messages get them into our bed?
  • Weekly events with unique content such as interactive group sex scenes
  • Weekly and monthly as well as event rankings 
  • Free to Play, uncensored
  • Playable on PC and Mobile

About Playduction

Playduction is a Publisher and Developer of Adult Games on PC and Mobile devices incl. Sexy Airlines, Sexy Space Airlines, Naked Maya Tattoo Girls from Outer Space and the upcoming Sexy Spies. Our mission is to combine engaging casual or mid-core gameplay with tasteful erotic content.

To don’t miss any latest news about Sexy Airlines follow the creators on Discord, Nutaku and Steam or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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