Glory Hunters

Glory Hunters is an all-new action-adventure RPG for the original Game Boy with a unique and original twist: we progress through the game by obtaining achievements.

In Glory Hunters, glory points are the main currency to obtain achievements. Earn these glory points by performing glorious deeds that award them. Gather materials, aid the townsfolk in various quests, or dive into dungeons to defeat different kinds of mobs.

We can choose freely where to go and discover different zones with unique minigames, enemies, and funny characters. Spend glory points to create our very own unique personal experience.


Thanks to the support of 1018 backers, indie game developer César Arminio with his design studio 2think and publisher Bitmap Soft have exceeded their initial goal of $40,298 and raised $67,732 to fully fund the production of Glory Hunters on Kickstarter.

With four stretch goals achieved, the finished game will now include three new and exciting chapters – Dunes of Hope, Laris de Mahr, and Inglorious Heroes. Each new chapter will have a new dungeon with unique enemies to fight, an additional mini game and an additional song created. 


  • A unique experience in the action-adventure RPG genre. The only game where we progress by obtaining achievements.
  • A giant map (aiming to be the biggest one in a Game Boy game) for us to explore freely.
  • Nonlinear gameplay.
  • Over a thousand achievements.
  • An epic story in a world full of lore.
  • Many eccentric characters that will aid us during our quest.
  • 20 hours + of gameplay and high replay value.
  • Physical cartridges will feature battery-less saving!
  • No more lost saves or soldering irons.
  • Digital rewards will include a .pocket file for the Analogue Pocket alongside a Steam Key to play it on our computer (PC only).

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