Casebook 1899 – The Leipzig Murders 

Casebook 1899 – The Leipzig Murders is an adventure game with unique gameplay mechanics. Control detective Joseph Kreiser, who examines objects, questions witnesses and interrogates suspects.

Our success or failure is up to our detective skills. Combine the collected clues in the notebook and decide which clues will lead to the culprit in the “mind-palace-like” Logic sheet. 


Casebook 1899 – The Leipzig Murders transports us to an industrial metropolis on the cusp of the 20th century, where Detective Inspector Joseph Kreiser must solve four thrilling murder cases. Kreiser works for the police of a German boomtown in the late industrial age and finds himself in a classist society where workers, women and other marginalised groups fight for their say, often leading to violence. In a time of upheaval, he searches for answers, only to encounter human abysses. Fortunately, he can count on the support of public prosecutor Gustav Möbius, who is always at his side with his unerring eye for detail.

The game offers four murder cases in which we must prove his deductive skills and attention to detail.


  • Classic Point-And-Click Adventure
  • Environmental puzzles and inventory
  • Witness interviews and dialogue options
  • Combine clues in the notebook to draw new conclusions
  • No game-over screen
  • Multiple endings for each case – whether we arrest the right suspect depends on our skills
  • Complete German voice-over
  • Subtitles in German and English
  • Find clues and interrogate witnesses in meticulously researched historical locations
  • Focus on dialogue and interaction

Feature information

Commissar Joseph Kreiser records all observations and witness statements in his notebook. In this notebook, we must combine the right clues to draw new conclusions and thus determine the culprit. Each case has several endings, but only one of them will convict the real culprit(s). The success or failure of the investigation depends directly on the investigative skills of ours. A sharp eye and a keen mind are his strongest weapons in the fight against crime.

The game’s locations have been meticulously researched to bring the city to life in pixelated retro graphics. Some of the game scenes are reconstructions of actual places that can still be visited today, others are faithful recreations of typical locations such as a newspaper editorial office, a writer’s study or an industrialist’s private garden. But the love of historical accuracy goes much further: the way people speak, the objects we can use, and the murder cases themselves are all appropriate to the time and place. So nothing stands in the way of immersion in Leipzig in 1899.


Thanks to the support of 484 backers, solo game developer Homo Narrans Studio exceeded his initial goal of $15,795 and raised $18,435 to fully fund the production of Casebook 1899 – The Leipzig Murders for Steam and on Kickstarter.
After attaining its first milestone, the finished game will include 4 cases to solve, 4 hours of gameplay, german voice acting, German, English, Italian, and French texts, and a full release on PC, Mac, and Linux.

A free-to-play Demo of Casebook 1899 – The Leipzig Murders is available on Steam and The demo version includes the first cases to be solved.

To don’t miss any latest news about The Leipzig Murders follow the creators on Twitter, Kickstarter, Steam, YouTube, and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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