Serious Fun Football

Indie development studio KW-SFF is releasing their game in Early Access. Serious Fun Football is a football game with real ball physics and realistic feeling of movements and kicking. Never before has any independent game developer made a game like this.  

Serious Fun Football is a football game with real ball physics and advanced 3D graphics. Play with a combination of realistic simulation of player movement and physical collisions between characters.

In Serious Fun Football we can enjoy friendly matches online or local in front of one screen with our friends, or against an AI in the league. Gather the in-game coins and buy new team members in the Team Mode or boost up our own footballer in Solo Mode. The game aims to transfer the emotions of friendly rivalry on a small pitch to the computer screen.

Serious Fun Football fulfills all the following aspects

  • real ball physics, 
  • realistic character movements, 
  • advanced body collisions, 
  • varied footballer attributes, 
  • sophisticated AI, 
  • complex 3D graphics.

Background Story how Serious Fun Football evolved

The game has been coming into life for the past six years. I’ve begun working on it alone, with no knowledge about game development. Eventually, I had to quit my job to finish the project and started employing people. Everything was funded from private money. There is no investor helping us, not even any publisher. After many years of playing the two most known football video games, I felt like none of them is evolving in the way I’d consider satisfying. Additionally, no competition to them ever appeared. Is Serious Fun Football a competition for those games? Of course not, but I hope it’s a pleasant alternative.


  • Online, offline, co-op modes
  • Career and friendly matches
  • 3 vs 3 gameplay
  • Solo Mode where we control just one character available in Early Access
  • Team Mode available in the future in Full Release.
  • Buy new players on the market or develop attributes of our solo footballer
  • Buy new outfits, unlock stadiums, customize the appearance

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