Turtle Beach and the REACT-R

Turtle Beach unveiled the REACT-R, a new Designed for Xbox controller, as well as a new Arctic Camo colorway for the Recon controller. The manufacturer of gaming accessories continues to expand in the approximately $ 600 million market for third-party gamepads.

Last year Turtle Beach introduced the “Designed for Xbox” controller Recon. Fans and critics alike praised the Recon for its innovative control and audio technologies typical of the brand. IGN gave it a 9 out of 10 and gave it the Editors’ Coice award. CNN Underscored included him in their coverage of Best Xbox X|S Accessories. The Recon controller is currently available in black and white colors. The new variant Arctic Camo can be pre-ordered. It will be available in the UK and Europe on August 10th and in the US on August 24th, 2022.

Notes of Chairman and CEO

“The Recon controller was a strong entry into the gamepad market for Turtle Beach. Shortly after its performance, it received a lot of praise and even awards. The REACT-R offers players many of the same core features at a very attractive price. The REACT-R and Arctic Camo-Recon are the first of a handful of new controller products we’re releasing this year for console, PC and mobile gamers.” Said Juergen Stark, Turtle Beach Corporation Chairman and CEO.

Details of the REACT-R Controller

Xbox and Windows PC gamers can connect any wired 3.5mm headset to the REACT-R for an instant audio upgrade with Turtle Beach’s patented Superhuman Hearing exclusive audio setting. This has been proven to provide a game advantage by allowing us to hear important acoustic cues such as footsteps from approaching opponents. Game and chat volume controls as well as microphone mute controls are built into the controller for easy access. The REACT-R’s ergonomic shape and textured grips and triggers allow us to stay in control for longer. Two assignable quick access buttons on the back allow us to customize the controls and react even faster. Rumble motors in the handles make explosions or recoil from shots noticeable via vibration feedback.

The Recon is the first controller to combine Turtle Beach’s signature audio innovations with sophisticated control. Xbox Series and Windows PC gamers can connect any wired 3.5mm headset and take advantage of Turtle Beach’s trusted features, including Superhuman Hearing, Mic Monitoring and Audio Presets. In addition, it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the thumbsticks for improved accuracy at long distances with the Pro-Aim focus mode. Up to four profiles can be saved using the assignable shortcut keys. Dual vibration motors in the grips and triggers, for example, make the recoil of shots noticeable via next-generation vibration feedback. The controller with its ergonomic shape also has cooling rubber grips. The Recon works with any wired headset, such as the Recon 500 and Recon 70 series headsets.

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