Guild Wars 2 – Episode 3

Now, the premiere of the infamous Guild Wars 2 villain can be relived with the release of Episode 3 of Living World Season 1. In mechanical chaos, we face off against Scarlet Briar: the sylvari master criminal later responsible for the destruction of the city of Lion’s Arch.

Like the other Season 1 episodes released this year, Mechanical Mayhem condenses much of the original content from 2013 into a single narrative episode; Additionally, it includes new rewards such as Watchknight Greaves and the Pavilion Champion’s Wolf Blade – a sword modeled after the mechanical knights of the Royal Jubilee.

Additionally, with the release of Mechanical Chaos, some of the world boss fights in core areas of Guild Wars 2 will be reworked for free. The gameplay design of the classic bosses Greater Jungle Worm, Shadow Behemoth, Svanir Shaman Chief and Fire Elemental will be reworked to bring their events up to current game standards; some of the bosses will also receive graphical improvements.

Season 1 launched the episodic Living World content nearly nine years ago. Originally conceived as a series of limited-time post-launch story and gameplay events, Season 1 introduced the Guild Wars 2 community to a rich cast of characters who, over the next few years, became the foundation of Dragon’s Watch and the epic alt -Dragon storyline that culminated in the recently released End of Dragons expansion. Now, for the first time, the full chronological history of Guild Wars 2 can finally be played in its entirety from beginning to end.

Throughout the remainder of 2022, more episodes will become available to everyone for free.

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