4th Generation Warfare

4th Generation Warfare simulates warfare in the 21st century, which, in addition to the direct opposition of military forces, now includes espionage, international politics, cyberwarfare, media manipulation, and trade wars.

As the leader of a nation, dispatch and control our agents all around the world to destabilize our enemies and establish our supremacy. All methods are fair game: hacking, sabotage, political interference, military strikes, corruption, assassinations, energy domination, data theft.


  • “Career” Mode: a game mode recommended to new players, the match begins with the only controlled character being the Head of State. We must then choose our closest collaborators and gradually expand our group.
  • “Government” Mode: we can choose at the beginning a dozen characters, allowing to operate within all domains.
  • “Sandbox” Mode: a free and exploratory mode, it allows us to customize our starting group of characters and to play without limits. So, if the head of state dies, we can still play as their successor
  • “Real-time” Option: in this mode, time passes continuously. A character or military unit is active for the time it takes to perform an action before performing another. We can use the “Pause” and “Fast-Forward” buttons to control the speed of the game at any time.
  • Turn-by-Turn Option: in this mode, each turn corresponds to one day during which each character or military unit can perform one available action. At the end of the turn, AI adversaries perform their actions.
  • “Multinational” Option: we can play as several countries and develop different tactics. Many small countries can then face a bigger one on equal footing.
  • “Extra Characters” Option: we can select a certain number of extra characters and devise a strategy before the game even starts. For example, we can play as journalists or political opponents in a foreign country who can help destabilize the current regime.
  • Competitive and Cooperative Multi-Player Mode: we can form teams to compete against each other or the AI. A team can be made up of players who each control a different country or share control of characters from the same nation.
  • “Secret Objective” Option: everyone of us (human or AI) can draw an objective which, if attained, will grant bonus points or even immediately win the game. Examples include controlling more than 50% of the hydrocarbon market, tripling the population, changing the regime in an enemy country.
  • Game options: allow us to fine-tune game dynamics: number of turns, duration of turns, number of actions per turn.
  • Online High Score: for each type of game session and game level, we can register our score online making our world ranking known to all.

The developers said: “The release of the Early Access phase does not mean the end of the improvements or the deepening of the game and new updates will take place regularly. We are also working on the development of several DLCs, including the addition of new specific character classes such as ‘Mercenaries’, ‘Arms Traffickers’, ‘White and Black Hat Hackers’, ‘Rebel Groups’,… which will be released in the coming months.”

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