Kritika Global

Com2uS announces that the recently released Action-RPG Kritika Global, which is developed and maintained by the subsidiary ALLM, is also available for Steam.

In addition, a comprehensive update was released, which, in addition to numerous events, also introduces the new content Siege War.

In the world of Kritika Global, the people of the Republic of Kirenos are oppressed by the cruel dictatorship of an alchemist who has used artificial magic to overthrow the government and usurp the country. Now the residents are waiting for heroes who will free them from their tyrannical ruler.

About Kritika Global

Kritika Global is a newly launched Web3 game title from Critiques, the PC online action RPG acclaimed by more than 20 million users around the world and distributed via C2X – Com2uS’ blockchain platform. In addition to the well-known action of the original, new content ensures more fun. This also includes special items available in the exclusive shops, which can be obtained with the new game currencies Diamonds and Quartz. In addition, more updates are planned to improve content such as new stages and equipment, as well as the recently added guild content Siege War and PvP Tournament.

To celebrate the launch of Kritika Global on Steam, there will be special events running through August 9th to help us accelerate our progress. Among other things, anyone who logs into the game during the event period can collect up to seven check-in rewards.

Last but not least, the newly introduced Siege War PvP mode is playable. In Siege War, guilds compete to occupy castle territories. Every Saturday a declaration of war is made and a battle is fought until the next day. In addition to buffs, the guild that wins the battle also receives Victory Points that can be used to purchase in-game items, such as legendary power-up stones. The higher the rank of the castle we are in at the end of a Siege War, the better the rewards we will receive.

C2X Station features

The C2X Station feature, which allows the exchange of Diamonds and Quartz for the game’s KRX and C2X utility token, is not enabled for Kritika Global on Steam. Players who experience Kritika Global on the blockchain platform C2X should be introduced to the possibilities of the P2O (Play to Own) system. In the P2O system, we have direct ownership of earned items and currencies, which ensures a high degree of immersion in the game – based on the principles of Web3, decentralization and fair distribution.

Com2uS has expanded its P2O offering to online PC gaming with the release of Kritika Global. The company plans to expand the C2X ecosystem with additional Web3 games of various genres such as Summoners War: Chronicles, The Walking Dead: Identity, Ace Fishing: Crew, Minigame Paradise and more titles.

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