Dungeon Encounters™ – released

Square Enix Ltd. announced that the new single-player dungeon exploration RPG, Dungeon Encounters™ is now available digitally for the Nintendo Switch™ system, the PlayStation®4 console and PC via Steam®. We can save 20% on PlayStation®4* console and Steam® until late October. ** Dungeon Encounters, directed by Ito Hiroyuki, known from the Final Fantasy series, and produced by…More

Summoners War: Lost Centuria – The sixth season

The sixth season of the real-time PvP action game Summoners War: Lost Centuria from Com2uS is now available. The update contains some features that make it easier for new and inexperienced summoners to get started. In Season 6 there is the new game content Exploration Combat, which enables us with a similar score to mock…More

Formula 1 – After the Apex second part

Codemasters and Electronic Arts has released the second part of the content series “After the Apex” with McLaren Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo. In a combination of live images and animation, Daniel talks about his love for the USA, why he considers it his second home, his views on the Circuit of the Americas and…More

RiMS Racing – Testing for free

NACON and RaceWard Studio offer two-wheel enthusiasts the opportunity to discover RiMS Racing, the new motorcycle simulation that combines driving and vehicle mechanics, on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC for free. Anyone who is curious can test their driving skills on PC (Steam) without a time limit. The console…More

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – released

Today Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy released and we see Eidos-Montréal debuted a new, unapologetically ‘80s music video to celebrate the official release of “Zero to Hero,” the second face-melting single from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord Band. Inspired by classic ‘80s cartoons, the animated music video amps up the nostalgia factor to 11 and gives us a taste…More

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons – Third beta

ArenaNet and NCSOFT announced the launch of the third beta for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, which begins today, the October 26th and runs through Saturday, October 30th. It gives a first look at the last three new Elite Specializations that will be added to the expansion in February next year. The untamed lets…More

Fortnite – Nightmares 2021

Epic Games announced the start of the next phase of Fortnite: Nightmares 2021 with the arrival of the Dice Queen, Ruler of the Dice. With the new phase, numerous novelties come into play, including “The Convergence”, the rush of hordes and numerous new items. With the appearance of the dice queen, there are numerous changes…More

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – TV spot

Eidos-Montréal revealed a brand-new, high-octane TV spot to set the stage Today’s official launch of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. In the trailer, we are dropped straight into the middle of a mid-battle Huddle, where Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot assess the situation, discuss strategy and, of course, banter before deciding to go with Plan…More

Space Chef

Independent game development studio Blue Goo Games informs that their Kickstarter campaign to fund Space Chef for Steam (PC, Mac & Linux), Nintendo Switch, Playstation and Xbox is already launched. Inspired by games like Stardew Valley, Don’t starve, Overcooked and Space Quest, Space Chef is a 2D open world action adventure, with lots of cooking, farming and crafting. Imagine Stardew Valley in space,…More

Namco Bandai – Halloween Sale

In the Namco Bandai Store are 106 products at a scary price! The Halloween sale we can save for some game up to 90%. These savings on games in the Namco Bandai Store are available from now for nine days available. The Halloween sale goes until November 3rd, 2021. More details about the Halloween sale…More

The Know Your Game event 2021

MAG Interactive, in cooperation with the Swedish Embassy in Berlin, created a special quiz on the subject of gaming on the occasion of an exhibition in Berlin that focuses on Swedish video game art. The quiz will be available from October 27th. On October 27th and 28th, the Know Your Game event will be held…More

Fox Goes Hunting™

The developer Inform us that Fox Goes Hunting™ launched on Steam, October 8 for $7.99 USD. It is a unique combination Shooter and Action Adventure game. Our mission is to hunt food for our fox character. Fox Goes Hunting™ is a fun and unique combination Shooter and Action-Adventure game where we are the hungry fox that needs to hunt food…More

Touhou Multi Scroll Shooting 2 

The developer announced that Touhou Multi Scroll Shooting 2 is coming to Steam on October 26. Touhou Multi Scroll Shooting 2 is a side scroll, top-down, 3D bullet storm shooter featuring 3 female characters in sexy costumes. Multi scrolling mode Touhou Multi Scroll Shooting 2 seamlessly switching between side scroll, top-down, 3d shooter from behind and cut-scene. No camera cut…More

Mira’s Brush

Mira’s Brush is a cute, colour-based puzzle platformer brimming with bizarre enemies, lateral thinking puzzles, and intriguing gameplay experiments. We play as Mira, an ordinary school-aged girl doing a dozen odd-jobs, from electrical engineering to the occasional crocodile wrestle. As a house painter, Mira uses her magic brush to steal colour from a host of enemies,…More

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Story Trailer

Eidos-Montréal has released a new trailer detailing the out-of-this-world narrative adventure that awaits in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Set in the wake of an epic conflict known as the Galactic War. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy invites us to walk a lightyear in Peter Quill’s jet boots and lead his band of misfit heroes-for-hire across the…More