Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

What’ Assassin’s creed Rebellion holds up for us? Assassin’s creed Rebellion is a complete new standalone mobile phone Game. That based on ages of lore out the Assassin’s Saga. Assassin’s creed Rebellion takes place while the Spanish inquisition and we are glad, because the famous Assassin’s like Ezio, Aguilar or shao Jun coming back, but…More


Square Enix developing with PlatinumGames Inc. a new and pioneering project, that is BABYLON’S FALL™. The game will be release in 2019 for PlayStation®4 and STEAM® further details are not already publish, but the trailer represent us in which way the game will be going after the vision of the publisher. so have fun watching…More

DOOM Enternal

That from id software developing DOOM® Eternal™ is the predecessor of the successful Game DOOM® (2016). Experience the nonplus ultra in stuff like Speed, potency and a true quantum leap of harder First Person Action. Come back as Doom Slayer to retribution against the might of the Hell. request with new weapons and skills, you…More

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

UK, London – Dec. 10, 2018 – Hunters around the globe can prance in joy! Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced Monster Hunter World: Iceborne™, a massive expansion for the highly-acclaimed more than 10 million unit-selling Monster Hunter: World™. The new content will be available for download in autumn…More