Acrane Arts Academy

A game of QubicGames. Erika has always felt different. Somehow, she just never seemed to fit in. The world always seemed to have some hidden meaning Erika could never quite grasp… until Welcome to the Arcane Arts Academy, home to a magical menagerie of wonders! Join Erika as she adjusts to her new life and…More

Tiny Lands

Have you ever played the old puzzle games in which you had to find all the differences? Well… Tiny Lands uses the basic concept of this idea, but with a new twist. Relaxing puzzle game with some amazing features, if you are looking for a game which allows you to just sit back and play……More


Foundation can compare with Banished, but don’t have to. Foundation is in developing by Polymorph Games. Foundation is a grid-less, sprawling medieval city building simulation. Before you can build your own village, you have to buy a pices of country for free. After that you can constructed buildings for the citizen. Next you build sturctures,…More

Minecraft Ben 10 DLC

What in the world is causing all that racket? It sounds like some sort of adventure-prone vehicle with two children and a senior citizen on board. The Ben 10 DLC is now availiable. This DLC comes in two different modes – Story and Free Roam. In Story Mode, you will need to step up and…More

Desperados 3

Desperados lll is a modern real time tactic game, that plays in gruesome wild West setting. We take over a motley group, which will be step by step come to a hero group. In the prequel of the beloved classic Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive hook up John Cooper with the busted bride kate, the…More

Monkey king a hero is back

A new, never-before-seen chapter in the Chinese legend of Journey to the West is about to unfold! Based on the 2015 Chinese box office record-shattering CG animated film MONKEY KING: HERO IS BACK, this adaptation pits the Great Sage himself, Sun Wukong, newly freed after 500 years of imprisonment, with Liuer, a young boy who…More