Match Three Pirates II – Released

The developers announced that Match Three Pirates II, the singleplayer adventure game, is released on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Reveal while playing the personal story of each pirate, destroy obstacles, fight plagues, avoid skulls and get our hands on all the treasures. Don’t stop until the world of the pirates is filled with joy! About Match Three Pirates II…More

 Red Cap Zombie Hunter – Released

The developer announced that Red Cap Zombie Hunter, the action-adventure game, is released on Steam. As a Zombie Hunter we will help the remaining people to be alive and manage to be alive by ourselves too. Red Cap Zombie Hunter is a story about a virus that attacks mankind turning most of them into zombies only a few manage…More


SQUARE ENIX Ltd. announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade launched on PC for the first time through the Epic Games Store since December 16, 2021. The graphically-enhanced and expanded version of Final Fantasy® VII Remake, which took home awards for Best RPG and Best Score and Music at last year’s event, includes a wealth of graphical, gameplay…More

Nine to Five – Early Access

Redhill Games announced that the team-based shooter Nine to Five for PC is now in the open beta phase and can be downloaded via Steam Early Access. In the multiplayer shooter, three teams of three compete against each other in captivating battles, in which strategy and cooperation are crucial for victory. Nine to Five is…More


SQUARE ENIX Ltd. unveiled a new story trailer and official Spring 2022 release window for Luminous Productions’ debut title, Forspoken. The story trailer uncover some more about the protagonist Frey. The new story trailer also gives fans a closer look at Forspoken’s magic-infused combat and swift, dynamic movement, playing a key role in gameplay. Through the course of her…More

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Warner Bros. Games, TT Games, The LEGO Group and Lucasfilm Games unveiled a new LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga gameplay trailer in which Padawans learn to become Jedi under the guidance of their Jedi Masters. In the upcoming game, We will explore the LEGO Star Wars galaxy like never before and experience non-stop action…More

Intruder in Antiquonia

The point-and-click adventure with a protagonist named Sarah, and an odd town where folks don’t like the Internet very much. So the developer show us a few things we maybe didn’t know yet. The town is heavily inspired by the region of Galicia, Spain, where the developer grew up. Galicia has many beautiful towns full of…More

The Sims 4 Modern Men’s Fashion Set – Released

Electronic Arts and Maxis are released The Sims 4 Modern Men’s Fashion Set *, in which we can expand our Sims’ style and express our creativity. In order to bring new and expressive ways of self-discovery into play and to fulfill the promise to integrate more modern fashion for male Sims, The Sims is a…More

Reshaping Mars – Early Access

Reshaping Mars is a one-person developed colony simulation game that lets us build and maintain a massive civilization on a previously uninhabited planet and we do that all to advance humanity into spacefaring settlers. Reshaping Mars is available now for Steam at $9.99. It’s an easy-to-play simulation that asks us to manage resources, vet incoming immigrants,…More

Dead by Daylight – The new chapter Portrait of a Murder

Behavior Interactive announced the new chapter Portrait of a Murder in Dead by Daylight is available. The new DLC includes two new playable characters and the new Lonely Cemetery map. In addition, a new package of outfits for winter appears with Everlasting Frost. Also, Dead by Daylight is available in the Epic Game Store. About…More

Cricket 22 – Released

Nacon and Big Ant Studios, in partnership with the England and Wales Cricket Board and Cricket Australia, announced the release of Cricket 22: The Official Game of The Ashes. Cricket 22 builds on Big Ant Studios’ cricket simulations from the past decade and adds a new twist to the experience. For the first time in…More

Lineage2M – Released

NCSOFT announced the release of Lineage2M, available immediately in 35 countries in Europe and North America. The mobile MMORPG is based on the well-known Lineage II franchise. Lineage2M is free-to-download and includes additional paid microtransactions. At the launch of the game, it will be possible to purchase an Aden Pass, which gives newcomers additional rewards…More

Rune Factory 4 Special – Releasing on December 7

Marvelous invites us in a Journey to the vibrant world of Rune Factory and we will experience the legendary fantasy farming adventure like never before. We will be able to farm, fight against Monsters and make new and exciting relationships. Rune Factory 4 Special arrives on new platforms with improved resolution and performance, while bringing all…More

Lineage2M – Releasing 0n 12.02.21

NCSOFT announced that Lineage2M will appear simultaneously in 29 countries in Europe and North America on December 2nd, 2021. The cross-platform MMORPG, which is already very popular in Korea, is based on the well-known Lineage II franchise. Lineage2M appears for Android and iOS as well as for the PC via the crossplay service PURPLE. Pre-registration…More

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Release date of season 6

Mediatonic announced the release date of the new season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout during a streaming event on December 23, 2021. On Tuesday, November 30th, 2021, the Battle Royale party game gets its latest expansion with the start of Season 6: The Spectacular Party. In addition, various other details about new rounds, costumes and…More