Two Hundred Ways – Released

Indie development studio Sunlight Games released their casual strategy puzzle game Two Hundred Ways on Steam. Two Hundred Ways is a sequel of the successful brain teaser One Hundred Ways which presented 100 puzzle challenges to us. “Two Hundred Ways” gives puzzle fans twice as many mental challenges to overcome. About Two Hundred Ways In Two Hundred Ways, players must…More

Story of Season: Pioneers of Olive Town – Free content update

Marvelous is excited to announce that a free content update for the celebrated simulation game, Story of Season: Pioneers of Olive Town will be released on Nintendo Switch™ and PC on November 30th. The free update arrives to celebrate the latest sales milestone of 1 million units worldwide for Story of Season: Pioneers of Olive Town on the Nintendo…More

Battlefield 2042 – Released

Electronic Arts released the highly anticipated first-person shooter Battlefield 2042. Thanks to the groundbreaking technology of the Frostbite game engine, Battlefield 2042 enables huge battles with up to 128 players: inside on the latest consoles * and PC. Showcasing epic maps as well as a dynamic world, the title marks a return to modern locales…More

REVN – Early Access on Steam

Independent game developers Ambitious Games will be releasing the Early Access version of REVN, on Steam. REVN is a free-to-play third-person MOBA shooter. Craft a wide variety of weapons, abilities, and items to build our own custom character. Defend our core at all costs, and ruthlessly destroy our enemies in fast-paced 5v5 MOBA action. REVN will be in Early…More

Saint Kotar – Released

Saint Kotar, the story and choice-driven psychological horror detective game available for Windows on Steam for $24.99 since October 28. Saint Kotar is a game set in a cursed valley in rural Croatia. Investigate the disappearance of your relative in the occult-ridden town of Sveti Kotar as you switch between conflicting realities through the eyes of two godly…More

Blade & Soul – Big content Update

NCSOFT announced the release of the first major content update for Blade & Soul since the Unreal 4 Engine upgrade. Blade & Soul: Demon Ban is now available for free and contains a new exciting chapter of the story, the new air palace dungeon, various new gameplay systems, a new upgrade system for accessories and…More

Laserboy – Released

The developer are delighted to announced that her first-ever video game, Laserboy, released on Steam on November 22 and it is 100% free. In Laserboy, we guide Buddy through 13 top-down 2D pixel-perfect levels filled with destructible objects, forbidden secrets, and a cast of friendly and not-so-friendly characters.  Explore a secret facility filled with dangers to discover the truth…More

Cricket 22: The Official Game of The Ashes

Nacon and Big Ant Studios announced that Cricket 22: The Official Game of The Ashes will be released in November. Cricket 22 is a next generation project that builds on the success of Cricket 19 and offers an even more diverse cricket simulation. Cricket 22 not only includes the traditional Ashes tournament, but has also…More

Project Apax

Independent game developers Boreal Mist Studio has announced that their game Project Apax have an free playable demo on Steam. Project Apax is a nostalgic old school RPG with a deep narrative and interactive battle system inspired by great classics like Final Fantasy IX or Golden Sun. With an appealing anime style and neat VFX, Project Apax immerses you…More

Climber: Sky is the Limit

Independent game developers Art Games Studio and A2 Softworks have launched their Kickstarter campaign to fund and produce Climber: Sky is the Limit for Steam. Climber: Sky is the Limit is a game with a mixture of survival and simulation. Climber takes place on the highest and dangerous mountains on earth. To succeed we need to carefully plan the journey with…More

Galactic Rangers VR – released

Independent game studio DGMA released their game Galactic Rangers VR, a first-person space action VR game on Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S. Galactic Rangers VR is an immersive shooter arcade experience for all trigger-happy players, who don’t mind a challenge and enjoy dodging projectiles, debris, and asteroids. Use our blasters and point at a target and shoot, blasting away…More

Intruder in Antiquonia – Characters of the game

Intruder in Antiquonia has arrived on Steam.  Welcome to Antiquonia. Internet not included. Wife-and-husband indie developers Aruma Studios has announced the release of the Steam page and a teaser trailer for their first full-length adventure game, Intruder in Antiquonia. The game is currently in development and will be available for Linux, Mac, and Windows in…More

Final Fantasy V – Released

Final Fantasy® V is available and joins the Final Fantasy pixel remaster series on Steam® as also mobile platforms. Featuring beautifully upgraded pixel graphics and audio, the remaster faithfully brings a classic of the Final Fantasy franchise to a new generation. Final Fantasy V presents the story of a young man and his Chocobo, who find…More

Pro Basketball Manager 2022

Pro Basketball Manager 2022 you become the coach of your favorite team and will be able to change history and released on Steam November 16, 2021. Pro Basketball Manager 2022 has more than 160 playable competitions and that including 25 international competitions, 11 continental competitions, 12 female competitions, over 40 national cups – spread across 55 countries. For the…More

Touhou Multi Scroll Shooting 2 – released

Touhou Multi Scroll Shooting 2 Out now on Steam. The Game is a side scroll top-down 3D bullet storm shooter. Touhou Multi Scroll Shooting 2 is a side scroll, top-down, 3D bullet storm shooter featuring 3  female characters in sexy costumes. This game is a derivative work of Touhou Project. Fly and shoot enemies by blending side…More