League of legend – Pentakill show

The music division of leading game developer Riot Games, is partnering with virtual entertainment specialist Wave and The Mill, a company that creates graphics effects and immersive experiences. The Mill creates an interactive album experience with the virtual heavy metal band Produce Pentakill from the popular video game League of Legends. The virtual concert begins…More

State of Robotics webinar 2021

The recent State of Robotics webinar. In this show the people of Digital Dream Labs present, on which projects respectively product they work at the moment. We can now watch it on demand on YouTube. While the webinar was originally scheduled to be an hour long, our panelists stuck around a little longer so that…More

SHIFTx – Feel. Future. Mobility.

What’s the potential of autonomous vehicles? Do we still need our cars? On September 2nd and 3rd SHIFTx is a festival of ideas and a digital global platform, that will explore the mobility of the future from numerous perspectives. Be part of this discussion at SHIFTx as Johann Jungwirth, VP of Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) at Mobileye,…More

Fortnite – March through Time

Epic Games announced that an interactive experience is now available in Fortnite that explores the life and work of Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. illuminated. The march through time was developed in its entirety by members of the community in Fortnite creative. March Through Time immerses us in the entirety of…More

Digital Dream Labs – Update

Digital Dream Labs notified that several of the Anki apps for Drive and OVERDRIVE are unable to support all of the features found in the newest mobile devices. So they decided to not anymore support this Apps and continue support for OverDrive 2.6. As a result, the following apps will be removed from app stores…More

The Shapeshifter 2 – Update

GreenBoy Games, a studio specialized in developing games for Game Boy, has started the process to register a patent for an original mechanic for their upcoming release of The Shapeshifter 2. What’s surprising about this patent is that it can only be applied on games for Game Boy which try to replicate this mechanic, but…More

indie Game incubator (iGi)

indie Game incubator (iGi) , sponsored by Marvelous Co., Ltd. (President: Shuichi Motoda/ Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) has, since its start in February 2021, received support and sponsorship from 11 companies and 2 organizations. It is a great pleasure for the iGi program to announce the addition of Sony’s PlayStation® to her list of highly respected…More


Riot Games today announced the finals of the third edition of the Fragging for Charity event. Already at the previous charity events, large donations were collected. A total of € 229,807 has already been collected for a good cause. With Fragging for Charity 3.0, the tournament organized by Riot Games goes into the next and…More

Verizon Scholarship to increase female representation

the Verizon Game Forward Scholarship aims to increase female representation in gaming and STEM. This fall, the scholarship will be awarded to a team of five female students pursuing degrees in technology at five HBCUs: Delaware State University, Dillard University, Howard University, Morgan State University and Texas Southern University. The 25 scholarship recipients will also…More

Verizon Dignitas NFT experience

Verizon is also activating with Dignitas to beta launch a Dignitas NFT experience, taking fan and player engagement to the next level. Starting, 100 fans who engage with Dignitas on their social channels will be selected to receive unique, high fidelity NFT holograms of Dig’s Womens’ FPS team. The NFTs can be viewed in augmented…More

Seventh anniversary of Summoners War: Sky Arena

To celebration the seventh anniversary the Publisher of Com2uS hosted together with Korea Green Foundation a environmental campaign. This campaign will be attend world wide until the end of this year as an long time project inside and outside of Summoners War. For this campaign Com2uS and the Korea Green Foundation have choose world wide…More

New Buttons on controller by GuliKit

GuliKit unveils a series of exciting revolutionary technologies at E3 2021. These new technologies will lead GuliKit stand out among the industry and provide better gaming experience for players. New buttons on controller have 50 millions longer life. As the most frequently-used peripheral for game play, controller with high quality and excellent performances matter much…More

Verizon; 5G impact in Gaming experience

Unveils 5G and real-time mobile edge compute advancements and announces $1M scholarship for female students at HBCUs During the presentation Verizon unveil 5G and real-time mobile edge compute advancements and partnerships to accelerate possibilities for developers, players and fans at E3. The presentation showcased how Verizon 5G and Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) technology are fueling…More

New controller technology

With the booming development of game and entertaiment industry for many years, controller has become the most frequently-used peripheral for game play. Controllers with high quality and excellent performances matter much more for a perfect game experience. Manufacturers have been striving to build better controllers,but until now,annoying issues such as drifting,stuck button and disconnection are…More

Verizon’s 5G network

The motto of Verizon is; “The more you use 5G, the more reliability matters”. The power of 5G is transforming gaming. They also will hold a presenation on the E3 this year. The speeds, low latency and capacity of Verizon’s superior 5G network have huge implications for developers, esports teams and fans and Verizon is…More