Deadness VR – Releasing annouced

Indie game developers ALIEN Studio will be releasing a horror VR, game, Deadness on Steam VR, Vive, and Valve Index, on February 22. Deadness takes us on a journey, where we find ourselves confined to a wheelchair in a gloomy old research facility. Experience real fear and anxiety helplessly confined to a wheelchair in a super-realistic…More

Galactic Rangers VR – released

Independent game studio DGMA released their game Galactic Rangers VR, a first-person space action VR game on Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S. Galactic Rangers VR is an immersive shooter arcade experience for all trigger-happy players, who don’t mind a challenge and enjoy dodging projectiles, debris, and asteroids. Use our blasters and point at a target and shoot, blasting away…More

Kooring Wonderland

It’s finally the end of the long journey of the Kooring Wonderland series. The long journey is going to consist of the previous games Mecadino’s Attack and the Heart Castle’s, the end of Red Queen’s Black Magic long journey. 12 adventures in one game. Currently, most VR contents are mainly adult-oriented stimulating contents. If we’re…More

Altarays VR

Indie game development studio Dreamtech5 released their VR game Altarays, an out-of-body experience in virtual reality based on real facts, now available on Steam for $7.99. The Altarays podcast will be published along with the title. It will have 5 chapters in Spanish, however, plans to make the version in English will be coming soon.…More

Green Fairy VR

Green Fairy VR, the adventure VR animated short, is available on Steam for free and will soon be released on Oculus. Green Fairy VR explores the origins of the Green Fairy and how she came to find her home as the green light of the traffic lights.  About the Green Fairy VR Follow the Green…More

Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight has been specially developed for virtual reality devices and takes you into the sky above one of the most visited cities in the world, where you can fly around as free as a bird and experience exciting dogfights. Five years after humanity disappeared from the face of the earth, nature and wildlife are…More