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Our Planet of Entertainment will show all of you the latest news about Gaming, we will report about the different genres and also unveil what game we are exciting for. Moreover we will talk about surprises that could happen on the this years Gamescom and which game we are pleasures for, when they will be announced on the Gamescom 2021. The Team of our Planet of Entertainment will try the best to bring the great and exciting atmosphere of the Gamescom in your home. Furthermore the gamescom 2021 will be 100% digital and free of charge for all gamescom fans. The this year’s Gamescom will offers many exciting innovations to experience the games in a greater way as in the previous digital Gamescom 2020 and to feel the atmosphere of the Gamescom, when we are sitting in our homes.

Latest Posts

WRC 10 – Released for Nintendo Switch

NACON and developer KT Racing announced the release date of WRC 10 for Nintendo Switch. The official video game of the FIA ​​World Rally Championship is available since March 17, 2022 for Nintendo Switch. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the competition in 2022, WRC 10 offers a special anniversary edition that will bring a…More

Rune Factory 5 released

Marvelous Europe are thrilled to announced that Rune Factory 5, the long-awaited sequel in the beloved simulation RPG series, released since 25th March 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. As revealed in the brand new gameplay trailer, Rune Factory 5 will feature same-sex relationships. This allows us to develop relationships, and eventually marry, any of the marriage candidates as…More

Ironsmith Medieval Simulator released

For all the fans of medieval and simulation games, we want to announce that Ironsmith Medieval Simulator is launched on Steam. Ironsmith Medieval Simulator is a “realistically” recreated blacksmith’s job simulator based on technology from the Middle Ages where certain ludicrous hijinks might occur. We are the ruler of the forge, the master of hammer and anvil. Craft, sharp,…More

MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince

MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince the 2.5D merfolk-themed fighting game, will soon be launched on Steam Early Access on March 31. Thanks of 79 backers on Kickstarter they helps to fund this Game and raises $5.5k. MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince is a fast-paced fighter, involving 12 fishy fighters influenced by various sea life such as…More


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