BEYOND GOOD and EVIL 2 a games legend comes back to life

That action adventure Beyond good & Evil 2 will be develop of Ubisoft Montpellier and transfer the player in that System 3, a Solar System in the center of interstellar colonization and trade in the milky way of the 24 century.

The world of BGE 2 holds for us many task ready.

Story of Beyond Good & Evil 2 (BGE 2)

Private concerns exploit Hybrid slaves for the domination above the resources in contrast to the private concerns endeavor the colonists of the System 3 to survive and give the life a meaning and link together the old legacy of the earth. So starts the age of the space pirates. Fan

Fans of BGE are a part of the develop of the Beyond Good and Evil 2, to make for us the best game experience and that we are not miss a detail in the new BGE. You can attend on the Space Monkey program, that is a initiative of Ubisoft Montpeller to transfer the game experience of the first BEG to the second BEG.

Motivations and plans of the publisher 

The publisher behind BGE 2 Michel Ancel creative director of the continuation want to create a BGE 2 that all wishes of new fans suffused, but take regards to the existing fans of BGE, “We know, that the expectations of the fans to BGE 2 is tale.”

Furthermore Want the publisher generate a unforgettable gaming experience, so that new and old fans are overwhelm of the BGE 2 world and the player can on his own explore the world. BGE 2 generates for every player an unique game experience that no one else will have. “We create a Si-fi-space Oper,(…)”, “(…) a concept and the technology (have), the player be astonished(…)”

Which Engine the publisher use for the development of Good and Evil 2

A overview about a area of BGE 2

BGE 2 going to run on the new concern own Engine with an own repertoire of tools on that Ubisoft Montpellier worked for three years. This pioneering technology be able to form huge worlds, custom areas with wide und beautiful landscapes and caries strong Online Systems.

Do you want to Attend the Space Monkey program than visit the Website:

Assess of CEO Guillemot

“Beyond Good and Evil 2 represent all that what we like on creation and playing of video games”, said Yves Guillemot, CEO and Co-founder of Ubisoft. “Beyond Good & Evil 2 becomes and offers a unique creative vision of a Games world, enjoy a interactive game development and debug the borders of the new Hardware, to make a truly memorable experience.”

Will there be underground cultures (such as street racing or niche music scenes) as well as nightlife in the cities?

The answer is yes: we will explore underground cultures in the game. The largest will be the one carried by Space Pirates, but also by Hybrids, who have their own beliefs and myths.

Will there be underwater or subterranean exploration/mission areas?

It will definitely be possible to fly in underground galleries on the planets of System 3, especially when exploring the giant mines where Hybrid slaves work.

What other cultures do you plan on including in the game?

Indian and Chinese cultures will have major roles in the game, but looking at the Legendary Characters shown in our trailers could help you guess what other cultures we want to explore in the final game…

Will our race or human/hybrid status change our interactions with NPCs?

You can select different races.

Yes it will. The world that you are playing in will be react to your
visual identity, but that depends on your choice of the races, because if you play as Human or Hybrid Space Pirate Captain, then you not welcomed
 the same way in different places.

How the cloning work in this World and consist the whole population of clones?

Clone can’t be birth. For that the creation of clones with her own limited you need the human being. Since clones were the single ones that can reach the System 3, the whole population of the planetary System make of clones, who were created in a cloning center.

Will we always need a Internet connection, when we want play Beyond Good and Evil 2 even we play solo?

BGE 2 is a online Multiplayer Game with a large Co-op and unending fun. This Game will be only playable with a Internet connection to realize the wide open navigation, to receive Updates and to play with friends or the possibility to play in the Solo mode.

Are There limits of excisions between the player in Coop ( How fare can they diverge)?

The world of BGE 2 stands for us open and we have lots choice to make

Technical there is absolutely no limit in the distance between varies player in the Game are unlimited and that was made possible through the Voyager Engine.

The release date and console platforms of Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be publish later. For more information go to the official website of BGE 2:

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