Goop Loop

The rage-inducing, physics-based platformer with a pun-laden narrator, was rolling out of Early Access on Steam on July 21st.

About Goop Loop

In Goop Loop, we play as a piece of goop stuck in a loop. All we can do is jump and stick to make the loop roll using physics. 
Goop Loop allows us to aim our jump and have some air control, it’s a matter of being patient and clever in order to build up enough momentum to get over hills and other obstacles.
The full version of Goop Loop features a cinematic intro that totally clarifies the origin of the goop, unlock able loops and goop colors, improved art assets, and tons of new lines of dialogue.

Launch Trailer


  • Roll the loop up hills, over gaps, and other obstacles.
  • Be encouraged/entertained/enraged by my narration as you attempt to reach the top.
  • Fall back down and lose a bunch of progress, probably.
  • Question your life choices.
  • Discover new goop colors.

To don’t miss any latest news about Goop Loop follow the creators on Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Twitch, the official website and Steam or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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