League of Legends Arcane

For the release of the Netflix animated series Arcane, Riot Games attracted a large audience with a number of worldwide attractions. In addition to large series of images in New York and the Burj Khalifa, which was irradiated with a trailer in Dubai.

Two murals with graffiti artworks were also unveiled in Berlin, each showing one of the two sisters Jinx and Vi.

Locations of the murals

Jinx: Mühlenstrasse 6, 10243 Berlin
Visible until the beginning of January

Vi: Sonnenallee 7, 12047 Berlin
Visible until December 5th, 2021

All of this was part of an international campaign that brought the world of Arcane to life in ours. In the course of this campaign, among other things, the so-called Hextech-Expo took place in six cities worldwide, where fans could experience the technological progress of Piltover in pop-up stores. Piltover, also known as the “City of Progress” in Arcane and League of Legends, has harnessed the power of magic through Hextech and created a treasure trove of immensely powerful, almost unbelievable and coveted technology.

In addition to the large-scale world premiere event in Los Angeles, which was broadcast worldwide by streamers from 30 countries, a cross-game in-game event was also held with RiotX Arcane, through which fans could celebrate the series with exclusive in-game items. Arcane fans have until the coming weekend to visit both Murals in Berlin.

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