Coperaction between CCP Games, Dark Horse Comics and EVE Online

CCP Games and Dark Horse Comics announced that they have continued their 2014 partnership with EVE Online: Capsuleer Chronicles, a new four-volume miniseries from the EVE universe that is already released digitally.

Authors Melissa Gray, Sam Maggs, Dexter Vines, Kieran McKeown, Sebastian Cheng and Nate Piekos explore new stories from EVE Online about explosions, space battles, death and rebirth – over and over again.

About the story

A new threat has arrived in their star cluster. An ancient and inhuman civilization that requires the empires of New Eden to either convert or die. Despite their differing allegiances, these four capsuleers fight whatever they can to save each other and all of New Eden, hoping to buy just enough time for reinforcements to arrive.

Uriel Anteovnuecci Said: “The world of EVE is human through and through, beyond any technological achievement between its stars. There are no aliens; from the vast empires to the ruthless drifters to the enigmatic Triglavia collective, each of the factions in EVE is one Another descendant of mankind. Every ounce of the drive and tenacity of our modern mankind survives and thrives in the people of New Eden, forming a web of ideals, politics and conflicts that will at their core always be familiar to us – and the basis of a universe lay like no other. ”

EVE Online: Capsuleer Chronicles Issue 1 of 4 is available through Dark Horse Digital and wherever digital comics are available.

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