Intruder in Antiquonia

The point-and-click adventure with a protagonist named Sarah, and an odd town where folks don’t like the Internet very much. So the developer show us a few things we maybe didn’t know yet.

The town is heavily inspired by the region of Galicia, Spain, where the developer grew up. Galicia has many beautiful towns full of soul and a long history, and the developers tried to capture that in the visuals of the game. Some of the characters are also inspired by the people in these towns.

The developer want us to enjoy the experience of exploration first and foremost. The game starts with a significant chunk of the town unlocked for exploration, and most puzzles reward us by unlocking new locations to explore.

About The story 

The story unfolds in the present time, but without COVID-19. Sarah, the protagonist, is found lying on the road that leads to the town of Antiquonia. She will be found by Karim, the only ambulance driver in town. Together with the police officer and the convent gardener, Karim will help Sarah as she navigates her lost memories and the unique town.

Speaking of puzzles, the developer worked super hard to make sure we advance the story and make sense. All puzzles are solved by paying attention to the information we find by exploring and conversing with the characters. There are no brain teasers; all puzzles have clues, and the developer hid several just in case we miss one.

Source of the name Antiquonia

The name Antiquonia was an idea of the writers. They like a Spanish radio show named “The modern life” that had a fictional reign named “Moderdonia” and a fictional rival country named “Antiguonia”. That name sounded very appropriate, given the technological absence in the town of her story, so the developer did a twist by replacing the G with a Q, which makes it sound even more outdated. That name was love from the developer at first sight, because it reminded them of the fictional country “Robonia”, from Futurama, and I’m a huge fan of that show. I think it also contributes to the mood of the game, which has some touches of comedy here and there.

The game genre

The game genre is primarily a drama, with a few moments of comedy just to break the tension. Those moments are achieved through some of the characters, who are fun to listen to because of their unique personality, but they never pretend to be funny.

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