New Quiz Duel – Conclusion of the year 2021

At the end of the year, MAG Interactive can look back on successful updates to the content of its trivia title New Quiz Duel. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter of 2021 that the game also reached a major milestone with 10 million downloads worldwide.

In the coming year, quiz fans can look forward to more exciting innovations. With a view of the holidays, there are now Christmas quiz experiences in the New Quiz Duel. The latest game mode, Solo Adventure, opens up new quiz paths in the new winter adventure every week. In the solo adventure, independently of other opponents, we put our skills to the test using a mix of questions, with the aim of winning the main prize at the end of each path. Next year, the solo adventure will become an integral part of the quiz modes, which will bring variety to everyday quiz life with special events.

Louise Carell, Product Lead of New Quiz Duel at MAG Interactive said: “It’s been a very exciting year for New Quiz Duel, especially with Quiz Duel LIVE and the Solo Adventure. We look forward to more exciting things to happen in the near future – there will be permanent solo mode and announcements about other fun features!”

In 2021 another game mode was added to the game – Quiz Duel LIVE. This app extension has been available since March 2021. In Quiz Duel LIVE, participants have to survive twelve live quiz rounds in order to win part of the prize pool at the end. A moderation team asks the questions in real time and interacts with the live chat.

It will also be wintery in the special quiz on the topic of fairy tales, which is now available in the New Quiz Duel. In the course of the year, MAG Interactive also used the special quiz game mode to participate in important initiatives. As part of a special quiz on the climate and games initiative Playing For The Planet, for example, joint attention was drawn to the protection and preservation of the world’s oceans and coral reefs in October.

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