World Nations Game – Released

The developer announced that World Nations Game, an online MMO game, has been launched to Steam on December 24, 2021. We create our own life in the World Nation Game. We decide what to buy, where to go out and more decisions we can make in this game.

In World Nations Game, we can have our own virtual life. We can join a nation, buy vehicles, items, properties, open a political party, fight in international battlefields, participate in races, take part in special agent fights between agents. 

World Nations Game has features of a multiplayer with RPG parts and strategy included so we can have fun in many ways. We decide how to invest our time and what we want to do as an activity inside the game.


  • A multiplayer with RPG parts
  • Join a nation
  • Buy vehicles, items, properties 
  • Open a political party
  • Fight in international battlefields
  • Take part in special agent fights between agents from other countries
  • Attack other citizens space colonies on any country map
  • Be a nation senator or president

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