War Hospital

Nacon and Brave Lamb Studio announce their collaboration to release War Hospital, a strategy and survival title that revolves around the fate of a British field hospital during World War I.

In the creative segment of strategy and survival titles, War Hospital offers a special gaming experience that combines RTS, survival and RPG elements and takes up a topic that has rarely been dealt with before. The story of the game begins in 1917. In the game, it is considered to be Major Henry Wells, a British doctor who is commanded to the front lines to treat the wounded and to give the troops a glimmer of hope.

Story of War Hospital

The story of War Hospital is about the human dramas that result from the gruesome conflict that has shaped our recent history. Whenever the cruelty of war breaks out, When & Die Doctors of the hospitals deal with the moral dilemmas that arise from the conflicting nature of their willingness to help as well as the simple task. They not only fight for the lives entrusted to them, but also for their morality and humanity – in a world that has apparently forgotten both.

Supported from the Royal imperial War Museum

Despite adverse conditions and the lack of equipment, the handling of emergencies must be organized and the hospital developed. Thanks to the support that the Royal Imperial War Museums could give to the developers, the title can authentically represent the location at the front and in the trenches – including the medical equipment available at the time.

Gameplay feature

In-depth management – War Hospital demands moral decisions; the soldiers die each other, the situation on the front lines and battles die. When do emotional tests have to be endured, which are illustrated by the dramas of the soldiers when they return from the front. The title focuses on the war on special art.

Comments of Studio director and Publishing Director

Michal Dziwniel, the studio’s director said: “We look forward to working with Nacon. We believe they will make the hospital accessible to a wider audience around the world who will be able to see a different face of the war in video games, ”

Benoît Clerc, Publishing Director at Nacon said: “Nacon is particularly honored to have been selected by Brave Lambs to contribute to the success of War Hospital, a unique title in the genre that has been shown once again after This War of Mine and Valiant Hearts: The Great War, that our media can deal with complex and serious issues without losing its identity, ”

More details on War Hospital will be announced at a later date.

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